Jet Ski Rentals Ocean City MD

(Online rate include $20 off coupon. Please call to book times for $30 off coupon.)

Offering new, 3 passenger Yamaha VX Sport, jet ski rentals in Ocean City MD! Our riding area is located as soon as you leave the dock, which means immediate riding time for you! The riding area is calm/ spacious and away from the high volume traffic in the main channel. Back Bay jet skis are recommended for everyone in Ocean City: families, novice riders, experienced riders, and even single riders!

Requirements: Must be 16 to drive (if under 18 a parent/ guardian signature is required in person during the time of the reservation) and a valid photo ID with DOB is required. Riders who look under 30 need a valid photo ID with proof of age or a parent/guardian signature.

*Each ski can hold 3 passengers, with a combined weight under 400 lbs. You cannot return to the dock to switch passengers!

Hourly Rate

(Includes gas, life jacket, boater’s safety training/ instruction)

$95/ hour (up to 3 passengers. No additional charge for riders!)
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Jet Ski Dates of Operation

May 18th– May 21st
May 25th- May 29th
June 1st- June 4th
June 8th- September 3rd

Reservations are strongly recommended. Please call 443-783-4633 or BOOK ONLINE TODAY!

Rental Times

(Times include 1/2 of training and 1 hour of instant riding)

*8:00-9:30 (only available July 15th-August 20th, or by advance phone reservation)
*6:00-7:30 (only available July 15th-August 20th, or by advance phone reservation)



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Frequently Asked questions about Jet Skis:

  • How fast will the jet ski go?
    Speed depends on a few factors: number of people/ weight on the ski, water conditions, and wind conditions. At full throttle our jet skis are some of the fastest in Ocean City MD at speeds over 53 mph. You don’t have to go this fast, but if you want to our designated riding area is large enough to maintain this speed.
  • Will I be in a large group of jet skis swerving in and out of one another?
    No, your safety and experience is our number one priority. We only have 5 skis that ride at the same time!
  • Can we take the Jetskis anywhere?
    No, you must stay within our designated riding area. Fortunately, our riding area is very large, with minimal traffic, so you have a very spacious playground!
  • When does my hourly rental begin?
    As soon as your jet ski leaves our dock. No time is wasted riding to a designated area, our riding time is instant!
  • What do I have to do before I can operate a jet ski?
    Once you check in at our Back Bay Adventures tackle shop, you will complete a temporary (only valid for the hour you reserved) Boater’s Safety Course, which takes around 15-30 minutes to complete. After you pass the course with a 92%, our trained guides will go over MD rules and regulations. Then you can have some fun!
  • Can my child get on a ski with me?
    Back Bay Tours strongly recommends that children be over the age of 5. Children must sit behind the adult driver at all times.
  • Can both people drive?
    Yes, if you have two people on the jet ski, you are welcome to switch drivers.
  • Can I come back to the dock to rotate passengers?
    No, once you are out in the water you may not come back to the dock. If you choose to come back to the dock you will not receive a refund.